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Chef From Ghana Emerges Cook-a-thon Winner For GWR

Ebenezer Smith, described as Chef Smith, is currently the overall winner of the longest cooking marathon, referred to ‘cook-a-thon’.

It is to noted with profound recognition that this Ghanaian chef contested with Alan Fisher, from Ireland, on February 1, 2024 and ended the contest on March 6, 2024.

According to the vivid calculations provided by the management team from the Guinness World Records, Chef Ebenezer Smith had succeeded in emerging the winner of the contest because he was able to continue the cooking for a whole eight hundred and two hours and twenty-five minutes (802 hours, 25 minutes).

After the declaration was made, the Guinness World Records team awarded Chef Ebenezer Smith with a cooking completion certificate with these inscriptions written boldly on it :

“The longest cooking marathon (individual) is 802 hours, 25 minutes and was achieved by Ebenezer Smith (Ghana) in Spintex, Accra,Ghana. From 1 February to 6 March 2024”.

The opposing contestant of Chef Ebenezer Smith, identified as Chef Alan Fisher, managed to cook and garnish exotic meals for an incredible one hundred and nineteen hours and fifty-seven minutes (119 hours, 57 minutes).

However, Chef Smith disclosed a disturbing fact during his thanksgiving speech that he had recorded a total time count of eight hundred and twenty hours and twenty-five minutes (820 hours, 25 minutes), for his cooking compilation.

He also stated that he did not seek to compete with Chef Failatu, on account of her disqualification from the Guinness World Records cooking marathon, and thanked all and sundry for the support and prayers given.

Chef Ebenezer Smith, rather, applauded her and re-emphasized that they were both paying homage to all Ghanaians and giving a facelift to Ghana, by doing what they love best, which is cooking.


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