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Don’t Bother Adding These Seven (7) Items To Your CV (No Employer Needs Them)

Being able to survive without a steady job can be such a daunting task and a lot of things may go wrong.

While preparing for that job interview, take out time to read through your CV, check for grammatical errors and omissions.

When that is done, try to remove unnecessary details, especially, the personal ones, as those does not always fall within the employer’s interests.

Normally, curriculum vitae should contain professional information like past working experiences, former places of work, and the reason an employer should look your way.

No matter how much you wish to impress your prospective employers, it will be totally unprofessional to include personal details in your CV.

Seven (7) Details To Leave Out When Submitting Your CV


1. Marital status :

Stating whether you are single or married will leave no impression on the boss, it does not add up to your qualifications.

2. Religious denomination :

Being a Christian or Muslim will not fetch you that job, it is your previous experience and capabilities that will put you up for consideration.

3. Hobbies :

What you do during your leisure time does not need to be included in your professional details, because resting and having fun is definitely not ‘working’.

4. Non-professional email addresses :

If you want to be considered for a job vacancy, you need to put up for a professional front and look the part.

5. Long paragraphs :

Keep things brief and precise when typing your CV, leave out unimportant matters and present your case in an acceptable format.

6. Irrelevant work experience :

It is important to have a lot of work experiences in different fields of work, but when seeking a job at an oil firm, you can not present a CV with only teaching field experiences.

If you are able to do away with these irrelevant additions, your CV will be among the most wanted at top-most job fairs.


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