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Intriguing : Divorce Rumors Spread About Ben Affleck’s Marriage To J.Lo, But They Remain Silent

Marriage has a lot of ups and downs, and other elements of deep intricacies of whatever life throws at a couple.

There are the honeymoon times, when the couple try very hard to please each other, in order for peace and harmony to reign.

There are, also, the hard times, which propels the couple to a state of wondering whether they are really meant for each other or not.

Bad times like that often make the couple begin considering separation or divorce in entirety, and it is often sad when nothing can be done to change the situation.

About the happiness of celebrities placed on the line, much can not harnessed, since most of their relationships are based on fame and recognition.

Ben Affleck , a Hollywood movie director , got married to the ever-versatile music icon, Jennifer Lopez in the eyes of the society and the media.

One of the things they failed to recognize is that, they expose their activities and private life to the internet due unnecessarily, and it causes them many problems.

Currently, there are some rumors circulating on the same internet that Jennifer Lopez is getting a divorce from her husband, Ben Affleck due to certain attitudes he displays from time to time.

This calls for thorough checking when it comes to compatibility : Every man and woman has to study each other carefully, before going on the long haul.

With J.Lo’s carefree parenting style, indecent personal conduct, and her partner’s sullen disposition, a lot of errors can be seen and must be made right.

Marriage should not be based on selfish whims, but on total compromise.


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