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Mariam Hussein : A 103-Year-Old Replica Of Chastity And Celibacy Due To Long-Lost Love

This is the sad story of a Tanzanian beauty who made up her mind to be married to a White companion in her prime days.

Mariam Hussein, in an interview with Afrimax’s English present, Simon Greenwood, explained why she had wanted to live a life of celibacy and had not tried to get married to any other man.

According to her narration, her long-lost love has always been identified by the name John.

He travelled to Tanzania for a tour and she showed him around and helped him settle down in her community.

After showing John around, Mariam Hussein became closer to him each time they met and discussed about life.

They shared dreams, hopes and secrets about each other’s world and they soon became the talk of the vicinity in which they lived.

Mariam had begun building dreams of getting married to the tourist who had suddenly become her friend overnight.

But as luck would have it, John the tourist had to leave one day to his country, without informing Mariam Hussein.

“I had so many dreams. I had always wanted to get married to my friend, John. Initially, I thought it was just a prank or a bait to test my patience, so I made up my mind that I will wait till he returns to me.”

Mariam Hussein further told Afrimax that she did all she could to search for John but all attempts proved futile, which is why she managed to stay as a virgin all these years.

“I refused to accept that he had left me despite all the wonderful moments we had together”.



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