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Sophia Momodu Dragged To Court By Davido Over Older Daughter’s Joint Custody

Nigeria is blessed to have such a versatile songster like Davido, who can be seen going from one height to the other.

Apart from being a heir to the entire Adeleke fortune, Davido appears to beĀ  family-oriented, judging from several instances he has overstepped boundaries to make life comfortable for his children.

While much is not known about what led to the break in relationship with the ‘Dami duro’ singer and his daughter’s mother, Sophia Momodu, it is to be noted that all is not well with the two.

It has come to the notice of society and media that Davido has decided to assume some sort of upper hand in catering for his elder daughter, Imade Adeleke, who looks a lot like him.

Upon being asked why, Superstar Davido explained the uncertainty he feels entrusting full custody of his daughter to Sophia Momodu due to one circumstances.

According to reports, Imade’s mother had refused to accept a fully furnished apartment from Davido and is insisting he pays an outrageous sum of money for a rented one, which is quite sinister.

There is, also, an instance whereby Davido had provided two expensive vehicles for the comfort of his daughter, Imade and her mother only to discover that the vehicles were not serving the purpose for which they were bought.

Sophia Momodu claimed the vehicles were faulty, hence the decline in usage, but it is apparent Imade’s father has doubts.

As a matter of fact, Davido took matters in his own hands by suing his ex-girlfriend for joint guardianship of his daughter, which is not all that bad.

Unlike other big men who would have demanded full custody of their kids, Davido is just asking for joint partnership with Sophia Momodu, since her management skills are not so top-notch.


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