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“Get Reforms Or Risk Your Learners Becoming Dormant” — GNACOPS Head Appeals To GES

Ever since the colonial era when new ideas, remarks and foreign culture were introduced to the Ghanaian populace, education came to stay.

There is a saying that states that if something must be done, then it must be done well, hence the need for Ghanaian education policies to be reformed.

In order to get rid of stagnancy and expose the students to various opportunities, certain steps need to be taken :


1. Emphasis must be placed on ensuring competency-based assessments in a way that students get to exploit what they learn.

2. Interesting assignments should be made available to learners, at any given time, to boost their thinking abilities and creative skills.

3. The chew and pour learning method must not be encouraged by teachers, otherwise the students will tend to forget what they have learnt when they get out of school.

The leader in charge of GNACOPS outlined these steps to, as a means of providing solutions to restructuring education in Ghana.

However, it will take quite a massive tug to wake Ghana out of her slumber, a lot of ideals need to be changed.

Many livelihoods will be affected in the right direction and the technology-enhanced tests provided in this juncture will kick start rapid brain boosting in many children.

Although the Ghana Education Service (GES) decides the best schemes for students, what is missing?

It is key to note that education is a gradual process; the students, also, need time and encouragement to absorb whatever they have learnt.


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