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“Stop Pretending You Own Rights To Defe Defe!” — Veteran Music Producer Mickey To Team Eternity

Quite a large number of artistes exist in the creative space today,and they do a lot of amazing things due to the vast knowledge they have.

Whiles, it is not totally wrong to copy a thing or two from predecessors, it is crucial to make certain acknowledgements and give credits to the originators.

According to the rules and regulations revolving around copyrights, communication is key and there has to be acceptance on the part of the owners.

Much is not known about the arrangement made between the latest sensation, Team Eternity and Kwame Mickey, whether he allowed them to fish out certain words from produced song or not.

But, it is alleged that Team Eternity singing group are just a bunch of copy cats who are trying to use ‘Defe Defe’ to sail on the airwaves, like they owned it.

Kwame Mickey initially sent a warning to the singing group that he wrote the song ‘Defe Defe’ for one of his signed artistes, and that they should accord him some acknowledgements.

Upon not getting feedback from Team Eternity, Mickey made an announcement to all Ghanaians that he should not be blamed if he sues them, since they do not want to do the right thing.

He went on to state that there is still time for Team Eternity to turn the situation around and prevent him from sending the case to court.

He advised them to quit behaving like they own the rights to the song ‘Defe Defe’ and stop taking national credit for it.



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