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“Do Not Tattoo Your Face If You Are In The Official Sector!” — Tattoo Artist, Eli, Begs Admirers

He was 17 years old when he first fell in love with tattoos, that made him always want to be a tattooist when he grows up.

His family and friends did not support this outrageous idea, of course, yet, Eli was resilient in chasing his dreams in East Sussex.

He started by inking all over his body with black ink, likening the outcome to am owner of a house who can decide to paint and re-paint anytime.

Fast forward at 33, Eli goes by the craft name ,Eli Ink, and is the owner of a licensed tattoo workshop, dubbed the Tattoo Hove, where millions of people of people go for tattoo installations.

As part of his addiction to tattoos and body art, Eli Ink has blackened his eyes, inked his entire body in black, with a metallic plate inserted into his mouth, and some incisions on both sides of his nose.

The sad thing to take note of is, the tattoo artist still wants more art inscribed on his body, even though he has confirmed that there is no space on his body.

Having learnt more about the Asian arts and culture, Eli specializes in engraving such designs on his body and on the bodies of whoever patronizes him, with their permission.

He admits that he would not have tattooed his face, if he happened to be working in an official setting, and so advised fellow tattoo lovers to think twice before engraving tattoos on their skins so that they can be accepted.

Eli Ink loves travelling as that influences a lot of his tattoo arts; he confirmed having travelled to Russia, Germany and Italy, as these countries are hubs of heart-felt art and sentiments.



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