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Kennedy Adjapong On The Rumors Of Being Labelled As An ‘Independent’

Often, a lot of controversial comments surround the man called Kennedy Adjapong, but he always stands his ground in self-defense.

Even when the issues concerning him and the mothers of his daughters caused chaos on social media, Honorable Kennedy Adjapong exercised calm in everything, until those rumors cooled off eventually.

Recently, there has been rumors hovering that he has decided to campaign for presidency out of the NPP’s ticket — which means¬† he would be labeled as an independent presidential candidate.

This is a very influential man who has been in the National People’s Party for such a long period, and has achieved a lot of feats throughout his involvement with the party.

This is why, the news of Kennedy Adjapong going independent, did not sit well with most Ghanaians, especially, the NPP bigwigs.

However,  Mr. Adjapong has debunked all claims which state that he has decided to stand for presidency as an independent candidate.

He has booed at whoever dispelled such rumors and demands that the air be cleared by whoever the person may be, and has advised all Ghanaians to be careful to judge without weighing the pros and cons of an issue.

Honorable Kennedy Adjapong, also, went on to admonish Ghanaians on the importance of unity and compromise, as the elections draw nearer.

He entreated the youth to endeavor to be as peaceful as possible, so as not to create unwarranted commotion and disunity in the country, as can be observed in other countries.

Per a speech delivered and captured online, Honorable Kennedy Adjapong has confirmed that he will never detach from the National People’s Party, but will continue to uphold the cause of unity in Ghana.


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