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The Consequences Of Illicit Drug-Dealing — Dr. Likee

Normally, individuals with experience in certain vices, are the ones who share pieces of advice to the unsuspecting public.

They might have gone through emotional trauma or rejection from family, whiles already immersed in their vices.

It takes about a ten out of hundred people who become remorseful and decide to quit those vices.

Ghana has quite the track record of drug addicts, who have either gone through rehabilitation or are on the verge of undergoing one.

Anytime, a person gets addicted to a vice, it gets the better of him or her, launching them into an era of dependency.

They begin to feel that they can not live without that particular vice and do all they can to, always, dwell in it — which is the reason, vices can be referred to as addictions.

So, the next time an addict ascends a podium to share views on why vices should not be part of your life, just accept it and deal with addictions.

A whole lot of addictions exist in the globe today : excessive alcohol intake, pornography, theft, binge eating, sexual abuse, drug substance misuse, among others.

When you are engaged in any of these, you have an addiction that needs to be curbed, you need to speak to someone you trust or visit a therapist.

One of Kumawood’s comic actors, Dr. Likee, has sent a message of admonishment to all Ghanaian youth who may find themselves in one way or the other, to seek help before it is too late.

On account of drug addiction, a lot of people have missed out on maximum lifetime opportunities.


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