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Meet Hailey Imade, Davido’s Beautiful Mom!

Her name is Veronica Hailey Imade, fair in complexion with a pleasant character, beyond all standards.

Nigerian singer, Davido, was so attached to his mother which is why he named two of his daughters, Aurora Imade and Hailey Veronica, after her.

Just like her son, the late Veronica was a Nigerian singer of a band which she called the ‘David’s Band’.

Also, she was a professional doctor and lecturer at Babcock University, where she was admired by all.

According to history, Davido’s father and mother met at Atlanta, USA, fell in love while Mr. Adeleke Snr. was a donor at the Babcock’s University.

It was reported that Miss Imade came back from church one day and decided to be alone.

She locked herself up in her room and was discovered dead some hours later.

Davido was born on November 21, 1992 to Mr. Adeleke and the late Miss Imade, and he has by far become one of the best musicians in Nigeria.

Miss Veronica Hailey Imade died at a young age of 39 and David Adeleke makes it a point to host events to commemorate her.

Often times, certain gifts and traits run in the blood of our parents and once they give birth to us, they pass it on to us, inadvertently, because that is the way of nature.

We should not beat ourselves up when things do not seem to go well for us, but see challenges as a leverage to greater heights.

Davido’s mother had traits of singing in her, which she passed on to him, and is now reaping a lot of benefits for the Adeleke empire.


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