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MP For Eluokrom Embarks On Charitable Projects For Constituency

Honourable Louis Yaw Afful of the Eluokrom electoral area has come forth again with another mind-blowing asset to his constituency.

In his bid to ensure health improvement in the Bia Western-North region of Ghana, Mr. Afful facilitated the set-up of a free health screening for the Eluokrom residents.

Having been of immense help to his community and people from afar, the honourable MP has decided to unveil theĀ  plans he has in store.

Whiles there are records of many Eluokrom residents who have experienced a lot of health benefits from the exercise, Honourable Afful has declared that it is just the beginning of greater things to come and that they should have faith in him.

Asides the prime interest of Honourable Yaw Afful in the matters of health in the Eluokrom area, he has embarked on amazing projects which have turned out as lifesaving opportunities to those who participated.

During the health screening event, he solicited for support and funds with regards to the new health facility he wants to set up in the community.

Among the other remarkable projects being worked on, Mr. Louis Afful reminded the people that he had them in mind and retold the stories of his past projects.

He established a worthy scholarship scheme which was to cater for brilliant but needy students, who had no support from family.

Through the same educational empowerment, Honourable Yaw Afful had managed to sponsor the education of five exceptional tertiary students to pursue more in Morocco.

As if all these feats were not enough, Honourable Louis Yaw Afful is on the verge of sponsoring interested individuals in any handicraft of their choice.


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