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Never Drink Water During These Stages

Water is very essential for the human body, keeping it in check to stay hydrated and activated.

However, there are certain times that it will be advisable  not to drink water in order to avoid health complications.

Here are certain reasons people should not take in water until they have come out of these stages :

When You Should Not Drink Water


1. You should drink water after an hour or two of eating, otherwise the water would interfere with the digestion process and you will stand a chance of feeling bloated, coupled with gastric discomfort.

2. Do not drink water while doing bodily exercises like jogging, hiking, yoga and many others, as these may aggravate cramps and pain.

3. If you are used to drinking lots of water to an extent where you have a high body content, you need to reduce intake, to prevent nausea and headaches.

4. Drinking a lot of water will cause further stomach upset, if you have been diagnosed earlier of diarrhoea.

5. Patients with kidney stone disease must be taught to limit their water consumption, so that they do not mount pressure on the kidneys.

It is healthy to keep the body hydrated, probably, during every hour of the day — with eight to ten cups of water, at least.

Comparatively, beverages like hot cocoa, lemonade, smoothies or warm milk can be consumed in the absence of water, to prevent the dryness of the throat, urinary tract infections and dehydration.

According to the World Health Organization, the average human being needs new water fused into the system each day to replace wasteful liquids such as sweat and urine that come out of the body.


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