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Asab Afrique : Redefining Trash By Recycling And Re-modelling For Fashion Trends

It is all love at first sight when beauty meets the right view, state and center — what is there not to be grateful for?

Asab Afrique, as mysterious as it sounds, is a fashion accessories hub which deals with the latest and traditional trends, creating their pieces from scratch.

Per the company’s self-description, they metamorphose refuse into interestingly exquisite African artefacts per customer satisfaction and needs.

They mainly design Afro-fused materials accessories like anklets, waist beads, necklaces, wrist beads, just to mention a few.

Asab Afrique offers a blend of pure hand-made goods with a touch of Africa, from recycled glass and other waste products.

Other authentic facts about products from Asab Afrique are that the handiworks are light in weight, 100% water resistant and eco-friendly.

Although there are other productive industries which produce like items in bulk, the theme is all about uniqueness!

The sole difference between Asab Afrique and all these other companies is very evident — hence their ability to stand out amongst the lot.

All artefacts, accessories and fashion statements at Asab Afrique are 100% handmade by able-bodied individuals who are intelligent and well-vested in their craft.

With regards to social media, the company is known as @asab_afrique on Instagram where they have about 1,564 followers.

They are, also, known on Facebook as Asab Afrique and can be located in Accra at the Kwabenya, Lawson’s Avenue.

Sounds like a new fashion hub with a lot of astonishing designs to offer customers and tourists.

If you happen to love traditional artefacts, you must never overlook Asab Afrique — entrust all your ‘glow’ needs with them!




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